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4 Ohio Garage Doors- Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Home

A garage door can affect your home’s curb appeal, especially if it’s facing the street. And with Ohio having its cold winters and rainy months, a beautiful garage door can be a focal point. Consider these 4 tips for sprucing up your Ohio garage doors.

Create Faux Wood

Painting fiberglass doors to look like wood is a great way to save money and use a more weather conscious product. Fiberglass is not vulnerable to heat or water, so it won’t rust or rot. This is a great option for those Ohioans looking to spruce up their home on a budget.

Remove Window Inserts

Plastic can become brittle in Ohio’s weather, so garage door window inserts can crack and fade; but they are removable and simple to replace since they’re only attached with screws. Keep in mind, however, that your new insert may not fit at first. Therefore, you’ll need to use a wood block and hammer to get the corners into the window frame diagonally one-by-one.

Add DIY Windows

You can transform a traditional garage door into an attractive enhancement simply by adding windows. All you need is black gloss spray paint, painters tape and carriage door hardware (optional). Just take the top row on your garage door and surround each square with painters tape. Make sure you put a cross of tape in the middle. Spray paint it and remove the tape. The square should now look like a window. If you got carriage door hardware, add it under the row and on the side. Now you got one attractive looking garage door.

Install a New Garage Door

The number one investment into a home is a garage door. It’s the smartest and least expensive investment in the home. The garage door is one of very first things people see when they enter your home. A new garage door will definitely add curb appeal to your home and value. Action Door serves Akron, Canton and Cleveland area residents. Get the most trusted names from a professional garage door installer. See why it may be time to get a new garage door by reading this article on Garage Door Safety Guide.

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