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In Memoriam

Anthony (Tony) T. Lorello

2/14/31 to 8/28/15

Our founder left us to carry on the work that he started. Tony Lorello was an example of a person who took on all challenges head on and came out on top. It didn’t happen right away but through hard work, perseverance and dedication his first paycheck of $1.00 soon multiplied many times over. Tony recognized a need locally to have service technicians available 24/7 with the ability to work on all types of garage doors and openers. He took this and expanded it to several locations. When he realized that his company had grown to a point that he needed help he brought in partners. Friends and family both came in to help grow the company even more. Tony worked for the company till the end. He was relied upon for his ideas and history. His legacy will continue with his partners, including second and third generation. He leaves us with the doors that open and close. Doors that let in light to shine upon us all.

Rest in peace Dad, Founder, Grandfather, CEO, Friend. With your guidance we will run the company with the same “piss and vinegar” that made you such a success.

Anthony Lorello