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How to Buy a Garage Door Guide

We know that buying a garage door can be a daunting task. Buy with confidence with garage door buying tips from the experts at Action Door!

Your garage door can have a big impact on the curb appeal and value of your home. When it’s time to install a new garage door, choosing the style, color, and material can be difficult. That’s where Action Door can help. Here are some tips to consider before buying a new garage door.

Garage Door Material and Style

When choosing a garage door material, you have to consider which kind will best fit your lifestyle. Here are some common choices for garage door materials.

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Additionally, there are several different ways to customize these kinds of garage doors to fit your design needs.

  • Carriage House
  • Traditional Style
  • Contemporary
  • Windows/No Windows
  • Stained/Painted

There are hundreds of different style options for you to customize your garage door in order to enhance the look of your home.

Maintenance Considerations

No matter what kind of residential garage door you have installed, there will be some level of maintenance to consider. Generally, garage doors made from wood require more maintenance and upkeep that those made from steel or aluminum.

Steel and aluminum can dent much easier than wood but getting a thicker grade metal can help reduce dents and dings. If you want the look of a wood garage door, steel doors can be designed to mimic the design of wood material.

Another maintenance consideration is how long your garage door will last while still keeping its appearance. In general, a quality built and properly
installed garage door can last up to 20 years with good maintenance, regardless of the material.

Insulated Garage Doors

Living in Northeast Ohio, it’s important to choose a garage door that is going to improve the efficiency of your home. With extreme temperature changes, it becomes important to know what kind of garage door you need and whether or not the R-value is important.

If your garage is detached from your home and there is nothing in your garage that is sensitive to temperature changes, then an insulated door may
not be as important. For garages that are attached to the garage, insulated garage doors with a good R-value can help reduce the amount of hot and cold area that leaves your garage. Here are some questions to consider when deciding whether an insulated garage door is necessary.

  • Is there a living space above my garage or is it detached from my home?
  • Are insulated doors quieter than uninsulated doors?
  • Are insulated doors stronger than uninsulated doors?’
  • How thick is the garage door that I chose? The thicker the door, the better it will be if it’s insulated.
  • What is the price difference between insulated and uninsulated garage doors?
  • Does the garage door also have weather stripping to help with insulation?
  • What kind of insulation is being used? Polyurethane, polystyrene, or another kind of material?

Garage Door Warranties

A warranty is important when deciding to install a new garage door in your home. If the company you’re interested in doesn’t provide any
kind of warranty, that is a red flag. Most reputable companies offer some sort of garage door warranty on their products as a way of standing behind the quality of their work.

Value vs Cost

Once you’ve considered the different factors for buying a new garage door, the last question is simple: Are you getting enough value in your garage door vs the cost you’re putting into it? At Action Door, we know that this question, as well as several other factors, play a big part in the decision to buy and install a new garage door. That’s why our team of experts are here to help you find a custom solution for your that is not only cost effective but adds value, function, and curb appeal to your home. We offer free estimates to our customers, so you can have peace of mind while you decide which garage door is best for you.

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