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Find articles about garage door security, garage door opener safety tips and more from Action Door, Northeast Ohio’s garage door experts.

Wood Looking Residential Garage Door by Action Door Garage Door Safety Checklist

Simple steps to a better garage door Have you inspected the level of your garage door safety? According to recent statistics, auto accidents happen within five miles of your home. Yet, what is often overlooked is the place where you park your car. Worn, malfunctioning or improperly installed garage doors and openers have injured many children. A simple inspection can guarantee a quiete...read more

Tips for noisy or loud garage door Identify Garage Door Repairs in Ohio

Simple Garage Door Repairs or Full Replacement As an Ohio resident, you know winter can be the worst time for your garage doors to stop working. Action Door, located in Cleveland, Ohio and the nearby areas in Northeast Ohio are the experts in how to prioritize your garage door repairs before the winter months. Before the cold winter weat...read more

Cleaning Your Garage and Garage Door

How to Clean Your Garage and Your Garage Door Owning a home in Cleveland, Ohio and the nearby Northeast Ohio area, you have your household seasonal chores. In the fall as well as in the Spring, it's a good idea to put your garage on that list of chores. Action Door recommends you clean your garage every 6 months in order to get rid of the junk an...read more

How to Weatherstrip your Garage Door

Install Garage and Garage Door Insulation Action Door knows garages are typically the last place homeowners take time to insulate, but without proper garage door insulation, your home is vulnerable to major energy loss. Living in Northeast Ohio, having a garage and garage door that isn’t insulated can cause higher utilities bills by not keeping air tightly sealed. Even if you have aread more

How to Seal Your Garage Floor

Seal Your Garage Floor Whether you've just started shopping for residential garage doors or you're currently in the process of having your entire garage revamped, it's time to consider how to seal your garage floor! Living near Cleveland; in Northeast Ohio, your garage f...read more

Tips for noisy or loud garage door Tips for a Loud Garage Door

Do You Have a Loud Garage Door? Automatic garage doors are a complex piece of machinery, so when you're dealing with a noisy or loud garage door, there are several different factors to consider. Noisy garage doors are likely due to the whole garage door system and not just theread more